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About us

Great products for great people

Nutrition Solutions Co is a Saudi Company registered in Jeddah , 

Saudi Arabia with commercial # : 4030253832 founded in 2013.

Our Vision : 

Enrich the nutrition education with the genuine & authorized products 

which empower fitness  efficiencies for the gym workouts & all kinds of sporterts .

A trend that aims to advance the culture of nutrition for different sports practitioners, the most 

important of which is the sport of bodybuilding ...

As this sport still suffers from a lack of resources to provide high-quality nutritional supplements 

that we aspire to suit different segments. 

The vision of Nutrition Solutions is to be the pioneer in providing these products from the best 

sources globally and recognized by the relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and 

internationally compatible with international organizations for food safety and health . 

We also sought to select our products with utmost care in order to represent a "solution" In all 

respects as a nutritional value, taste and quality